that's what we do

Managing content by yourself requires a CMS (Content Management System). A standard – at least in the German-speaking countries – is typo3. Meanwhile, at least as popular – mostly for agencies – is wordpress. We bring experiences with both of them and many others in this very heterogeneous range. To figure out which CMS suits your needs, we will gladly advise you and even train you if desired – easy!

Selling online is very simple, but yet it isn’t. A shop is set up “quickly”. The next step ist to clarify the logistics behind it, create a backend and connect interfaces to existing ERP software. In addition, sell on the major portals or directly from the shop. How are my prices optimally adapted, not too high and not too low – everythin managed automatically, of course. Everything is possible, we’ll tell you how!

Do you really need that? They’re all self-promoter, kids stuff and hype. Mmm – the question is actually, whether you can reach your target audience and what is your added value. Nowadays, that’s not only only the 12 to 20 years old customers, like it or not, it works! We have the know-how!

“For us, it works like this,” you say. We say alright! It can stay that way if you have had good experiences with it. You know your processes best and have lived this way for years and standardized it. Now we create the appropriate support tools. To ensure that your processes are automated and optimized. Perfectly personalized, the way you are used to.

“We need an app” it works no longer without it. Somehow, a little toy, but always present. Oh, the question about cross-platform support. Well, it is supposed to run on everything and on the tablets. And of course fully responsive! Now, what does it cost? Call us now and we clarify that..

Quickly communicate internally, the right information made quickly available for all or only for certain user groups? An intranet vastley optimizes communication and information exchange. Information runs controlled into the right channels. Everyone feels and is informed. Knowledge available to all. That’s actually really easy!

Companies thrive from their knowledge. This is increasingly distributed over the industry. Many head monopolies can be centralized on a wiki. This is the precondition for your quality management. No one will ask again “How was I to know?”.